Cosplay, Conventions, and Wild Parties, Oh My!

28 December
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Julia was born in 1980 and has just completed the lengthy process of becoming a demigoddess. A practicing sorceress, she has just found a suitable demigod to torment for eternity in Elysium. Unfortunately he has been dead for over 3000 years, but our author remarks that this fact is "trivial and petty".

Julia loves writing and used to write melodramatic poetry. She has now graduated to melodramatic novels, some of which she has conned an agent into representing. Her other hobbies include costuming, jazz dance, and other persuits where she gets to wear almost nothing.

On a more serious note, this is my costuming web page. The idea is to describe as much as I can about costuming, occasionally comment upon it, and otherwise discuss "how to" while showing pictures. If you love costuming, hopefully these "demos" will help and you're free to ask questions on what I'm doing. I'll do my best to explain! I'm what I'd consider a "perpetual intermediate" costumer. I've won "best individual" awards (something like 20 cosplay awards overall, yeesh!), and have experimented with at least a few techniques beyond sewing, so hopefully I can help with some (if not all) requests.

On a professional level, I'm a chemical engineer, so tend to be very into the properties of the materials that I use to make costumes. Plastics, clays, dyes, fabrics, glues, oh my! It's all an adventure.

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