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Batik Jacket - Interfacing - Vanity [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Batik Jacket - Interfacing [Jul. 23rd, 2009|08:21 pm]
I am going to post way too much today as I won't be able to remember exactly how I made the jacket tomorrow. Still waiting for Mom to come home from her vacation so that I can make her model it. ^_^

The first post will be on putting in the interfacing. It's pretty easy to do, but may seem a little odd if you haven't sewn before. (I know that interfacing threw me the first few times.)

After cutting out all of the pieces, iron them again so that they're nice and smooth. (Well, other than the interfacing.) This will make sewing them later MUCH easier and more precise.

Lay the interfacing, with the little dots facing onto the inside of the cloth, on the cloth. Then iron it on at the temperature of the iron designed for the cloth. It may take more than once for the interfacing to stick. Also, if it doesn't hold perfectly, don't stress about it too much. Some interfacing isn't ironed on at all, so even if the hold isn't "perfect", it will be kept on later by sewing it in. (It's just easier when it's already held in place - one less thing to worry about!)

Iron on all of the interfacing now. Note that it hangs over the edges in some places and doesn't go all the way in others. Not a big deal. The point of the interfacing is to make the cloth stiffer and heavier. If it doesn't 100% cover the cloth, it will still do that. And you can trim off the bits that hang over the edges. Actually, I'd recommend trimming off the edges, as it's one less thing to get in your way when you're sewing...

OK, so that's interfacing. Really easy, right? So next time a pattern asks for it, you have no excuse not to include it. It will make the garment look better, and as you can see, only takes a few extra minutes. (And maybe $1-2 for the interfacing.)