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Very Rudimentary Archive Page [Jul. 17th, 2009|08:41 pm]

Still working on it, so bear with me, but archives will be at:
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Website Idea [Jul. 17th, 2009|01:45 pm]
Wow have I written a lot.  And a certain percentage of the costume stuff repeats (well...I do create the same costume pieces more than once, so that makes sense...)

I'm thinking of creating a master website where I'll "de-blog" the language of these posts a bit and post by costume, costume construction technique, or commentary type for easier access in a large index.  I'll probably work at a glacial pace, but it should be a lot easier to use if someone is looking for, say, shoulder construction techniques. 

Anyone know of any other categories that would make this easier to read long term?  Any other ideas?  Interest?  Good locations to start up a free, or at least very cheap, website?

Argh...web building keeps me so busy.
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Soridormi Staff [Jul. 15th, 2009|09:07 pm]
Since I started early today (and thus could hammer away at the leather without annoying neighbors), the Soridormi staff is now finished. Which makes the Soridormi costume finished! Oh, yes! So now I just have Malygos to go, and all my little projects. (Which will take forever, but have no deadline.)

The Soridormi staff is light years beyond the Jaina Proudmore staff in terms of complexity. So if interested in staff creation, feel free to click on the cut!
Click the Cut!Collapse )

So that is the staff, and the end of Soridormi! We still have one Malygos post to go, and oh so many sewing posts. Hopefully you're still interested, if not, eh, I'm doing this for myself, anyway. :)
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Should Post Something [Jul. 14th, 2009|09:40 pm]
But, eh, what I want to post is the completion of the Soridormi staff, which, thanks to the loud pounding it takes to get eyelets into leather, has been suspended until tomorrow to finish (and, I suppose, post - it's amazing how I'd been sort of slow to finish it up. I'm on that last "it'll only take an hour, but I have to get parts and am feeling lazy" stage of the costume, but I scheduled a photo shoot for it on Saturday, so now I absolutely have to have it done by then.  Great motivator.  Oh well.  I always try to get a professional photo of each costume, as they tend to eventually wear out and a good photo is forever...or at least long term.  Fortunately, I modeled semi-professionally for a while, so I can still get photographers to take pictures of me for trade for their portfolios.  I was actually amazed at the response for my request for pics of Sori and Jaina...I think I ended up with 40 responses in about three hours, half of which were actually decent.  A nice change from when I tried to get pics of the showgirl costume, and only had one photographer actually come through, who wasn't that great...)  I could post the beginning of the jacket that I am making, but it's a lot of work, and not sure that I feel up to that, either.  Blah.  Well, tomorrow. I've been posting too much, anyway.  The few who are actually following this are probably getting bored.

But, but, but!  I am a super over-achiever!  I MUST post something!  Particularly in that my desktop is cluttered with pics of the staff, Maly, and the jacket, none of which I've used yet. *sigh*  I need to either post more or work less. Probably work less as I should be getting out more and being sociable.  Oh well...

So I guess this is it.  :)
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Painting the Dragon [Jul. 13th, 2009|08:45 pm]
So, as of when we left our last entry, Malygos had lots of hard to add cloth bits on it, but no paint. And without the paint, it does look rather bland, doesn't it?

In this section, I will paint the Malygos robes and give whatever tips I can come up with on how I did it, so that you can also use fabric paints in the future. (Not that it is hard, but still...never hurts to have advice, right?)

Be kind, put pictures behind a cut!Collapse )

So that's it! We now have a lovely, painted costume that just needs to be sewn together and have lights added to it! More in later posts!
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Soridormi Shoulders - Attachment [Jul. 12th, 2009|07:06 am]
Yay, so other than a staff detail, I am now done with Soridormi. Whew. So happy. This costume has been in progress since, oh, January, so finishing it up at long last makes me a very happy girl.

The attachment method I used for the Soridormi shoulders is quite different from the Jaina one (I'll describe why behind the cut), so if interested in shoulders, this is probably worth reading.
Many pictures behind the cutCollapse )
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Soridormi Shoulders - Painting [Jul. 11th, 2009|11:39 am]
Painting the Soridormi shoulders is nearly identical to painting the Jaina Proudmoore shoulders. If you read that one, feel free to read this one, but it won't really be very different. (Always sad when even the author says, "Well, you might consider missing this post.") The final post on the shoulders will be in attaching them, which in this case is VERY different, so it's probably worth catching. But if you're not really excited about painting shoulders, or not bored, this is probably one to skip. :)

You've been warned...but reading will only take a minuteCollapse )

OK, so that's it. Easy part over. (Well, maybe not, I found waiting for the paint to dry hard. Temptation to give up and just paint extra layer is great...) Next onto the somewhat harder part of attaching the shoulders!
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Update [Jul. 11th, 2009|11:35 am]
Quick update on the costumes:

Soridormi - Finished other than a bit of finishing on the staff, which should be easy, but that I need a part for. Three more posts, one of which will be immediately after this one. (Need to wait for shoulder epoxy to dry to take picture, but that should come along soon.)

Malygos - Painted. Once dry, will set (and post on that part). Then just needs finishing. Two posts left.

Then, thank God, I'm done with WOW costumes. For a VERY long time.

New projects in the works:

1) Very simple jacket for my Mom (because I'm a good daughter)

2) Bridesmaid dress for friend's wedding (very simple gray satin dress)

3) Pretty dress out of fabric that if I don't use it up, will be haunted by until I die (also expected to be easy-intermediate)

4) Silk brocade corset, actually done right this time (I've done corsets before, but, eh, using cheap boning. They haven't been awful, just not what I want).

5) Pretty 50s dress (maybe) for BSG cosplay

So tune in if interested in my pathetic attempts with the later clothing that I'm working on. I'm sure that when I'm done with these, something or other will spark my interest and I'll go hog wild again. But, eh, I'm currently up for a few easy projects with no deadline...
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Malygos Robes - Part Three - White Parts [Jul. 10th, 2009|06:42 pm]
Slowly catching my posts up to all the work I've done. :)

The conception I had for the Malygos robes was to not only have the chiffon inserts so that I could put lights behind them, but also to put white cloth on over the blue that I could paint on (to add all those awesome swirls that you can see in the pictures).

So this post is all about sewing fabric onto more fabric...like most of this journal, really!Collapse )

So all that I have left is painting, finishing (I'll probably add a collar then, too), and then sewing in all the little lights. Ah, excitement! But nearly done...nearly done!
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Pattern Making Paper [Jul. 10th, 2009|08:12 am]
Heh, about a month ago, my Mom found me making a pattern and finally realized why my work room always is covered in wrapping paper.  :)

Note that I almost always use wrapping paper to make patterns.  Here are my reasons why:

1)  It's about the cheapest "big" paper that I can find.  I can get a huge roll for a few dollars almost anywhere (butcher paper is also cheap and huge, but my sources of it seem more limited.).  So it neatly serves my purposes.

2)  It doesn't bleed ink.  If I could use newspaper, I would.  But I promptly end up with everything that touches newsprint turning unevenly gray.

So if you check out pictures that involve patterns and see little Santas all over them, that's why.  ^_^
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